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Protocol for returning to patients care during the COVID-19 Pandemic

I. Concerns Based on CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
A. Virulence (based on CDC reports of incidence)
1. Approximately 5% of those affected are dying
2. Has spread much quicker than expected
3. Has become worldwide since the first of the year
B. Justification
1. Chiropractic has been declared an essential need and service
2. Many patients have called to see when they can receive treatment
3. Treatment must be given under careful protocols to protect each and every individuals who enters the office
4. The office will need to be handled in a surgical like procedure
II. Protective measures being instituted
A. Patients
1. Prior to being seen the patients temperature will be taken with the Digital Forehead Thermometer and nobody will be seen with a temperature.
2. Ongoing patients must arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment to fill out forms
3. Only 4 ongoing patients will be treated per hour
4. First time patients must arrive 20 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment
5. Only 2 new patients will be seen per hour
6. Nobody will be allowed to enter the office along with the scheduled patients
7. Patients will be required to wear gloves and face mask to enter the office
8. All the normal chairs will be removed from all patient areas of the facility for the duration of this crisis
9. Easily disinfected chairs will be used
10. Separation shield at admissions window
11. Staff will fill out all computer and/or paperwork
12. The office restroom will be off limits to patients.
13. Patients will be requested to touch nothing in the office and if anything is touched they must tell the staff so that what is touched can be disinfected
14. Treatment tables will be disinfected after each patient
15. The Doctor will change his gown, gloves and face mask after each patient
16. The staff will disinfect doctor’s shield after each patient encounter
17. Patients will be required to leave the office as soon as the treatment is finished
18. Questions and concerns will need to be handled through telephone conversations (1760-327-9402) and/or Email (
B. Staff
1. Plastic will be hung between staff offices and patients areas
2. Staff will wear masks and gloves when dealing with patients
3. Staff will not get closer than 10 feet of patients
4. Only credit or debt cards will be excepted for payment, no cash or checks will change hands


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