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My name is Dr. Dennis Spurgin. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic practicing in Palm Springs, California since 1992. My practice is on the campus of the Desert Health Care District which also houses the Desert Regional Medical Center. I am a second generation Doctor of Chiropractic; I started practice with my father in Terre Haute, Indiana and practiced with him for almost nine years. My son is also a Doctor of Chiropractic in Indio, California.

I first became interested in Chiropractic with a very traumatic accident at age ten when I fell from a horse on my head. I later as a teenager I was impressed with the love, respect and appreciation that my father’s patients showed toward him. When I went in practice with my father I was the given the benefit of the same love, respect and appreciation from my patients. I love treating people and seeing them getting better.

In 1979 after nine years of practice with my father I was recruited by the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic ( now known as the Southern California University of Health Sciences) and spent almost ten years as their Dean of Chiropractic and Clinical Studies. I chaired committees that developed competency, standards of care, programs for clinical training and faculty development. While at the chiropractic college, I was honored to provide services as an expert to the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners, the State Attorney General’s office, various Prosecuting Attorneys in municipalities throughout Southern California.

Upon leaving the College in 1989, I chose to come toward the desert. First I set up a practice in Beaumont and then came to Palm Springs in 1992 to set up a practice. Since entering practice I have been involved with various organizations. I have belonged to three rotary clubs (Beaumont, Palm Springs and Palm Springs Sunup) and have held most offices including President. I have been a member of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce since 1992 and was on the Board of Director for eight years and held most off the offices including President. I was on the Palm Springs Mounted Police Search and rescue team for twelve years. My specialty was Mountain rescue and I was involved in many rescues that received national recognition.